Welcome!! We are KMPlayer!!
Thank you for use KMPlayer. These terms and conditions describe the relationship between Pandora TV Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) that provides KMPlayer services, and members or non-members who use them. A person who use our service, who enrollment for member should read and agree with terms and conditions. Please read this terms and conditions with care.
KMPlayer provides media playback environment based on your video or audio media that stored in your PC, Cellular phone and any other device belong to end user. KMPlayer service that provide by Company is as below.
- Mobile Applications ( KMPlayer for android, KMPlayer for iOS, KMPlayer Plus (Divx) for Android, KMPlayer Plus (Divx) for iOS, KMP and so on)
- PC SW ( KMPlayer 32 bit, KMPlayer 64X, KMPlayer for mac and so on)
- KMPlayer web service (website, KMPlayer wing window and so on)
-The whole service provided by company that invented, patented by Company and partnership with other company.
KMPlayer support protocol such as Http, Https, FTP, FTPS, SMB, WebDAV to provide network streaming service under circumstances with connect on Internet service.
KMPlayer service is basically subject to these terms and conditions. However, in the process of providing various services, there are cases in which special terms or policies are applied. In this case, the terms and policies of the service will prevail.
There are no necessary for registration.
Basically KMPlayer does not require for sign up process and user can use our service after install application for each device such as PC ,Cellular phone and other device.
- KMPlayer is freeware software.
- Users can download and use the installation file from the KMPlayer homepage at individuals, companies, public institutions, internet café, etc.
- However, use for commercial purposes such as redistribution, sale, and paid services using reproduction is prohibited.
KMPlayer ask user permission to authorization for cellular phone and other device if it needed.
KMPlayer ask user permission to authorization for access to cellular phone and other device’s storage excluding PC.
· Case that request access permission to storage.
1) Browse whole media which stored in device.
To show media file information on home screen based on folder.
By providing a video player, users can watch videos.
2) You can edit folder name and delete it on the home screen.
3) You can edit file name and delete it on the video player screen.
4) When selecting Load Music from the Music menu (Option)
Browse whole audio media which stored in device.
By providing an audio player, users can listen to music.
5) You can edit music file name and delete it on the music menu.
· Case that does not allow access permission to storage.
1) KMPlayer can playback video and audio by diverse protocol such as Http, Https, FTP, FTPS, SMB, WebDAV to provide network streaming service under circumstances with connect on Internet service.
· Case that request permission to floating on the other app.
1) To display pop-up player on video playback.
The authorization which requested to user such as access to storage, display on other app is turn up or turn off anytime.
Every contents are valuable.
KMPlayer is the service that can playback based on your storage media on your device.
Users are responsible for all content-related laws such as the copyright law.
Please note that this law is not related to the KMPlayer service.
We do our best for service quality.
The quality of KMPlayer may differ from contents specification and device performance.
KMPlayer service provided upon on without any condition or guarantee. Company do best for maintain and improve its service quality, however it will not guarantee for cease of service or error.
KMPlayer collect minimum statics data for improvement of service quality. Those data is for the service quality control such as IP address, service usage record and device information and does not mean that collect any personal information.
Please observe below when using the service.
Company do best for your use of KMPlayer free and convenient. However we need your help to achieve condition for your safe service use and protect each other’s rights. Therefore company shall limit service usage when as below conditions happens. Please be aware and observe.
You may not copy or modify the service or the software contained therein, and you must not sell, transfer, lend or provide it as collateral or allow others to use it. Reverse engineering, attempting to extract source code, copying, disassembling, imitation, or other transformation of the software included in the service is also prohibited (however, if it is open source, it is subject to its own terms). In addition, uploading viruses or other malicious codes or abnormally using service functions for the purpose of obstructing the smooth operation of the service are also prohibited.
Company is not responsible for any force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters, network line failure, inspection due to system errors, or service failure due to reasons attributable to users. In addition, the company is not involved in legal responsibilities between individuals.
Please be aware of this condition before use paid service.
The company provides paid service and paid subscription service. When a user purchases a service provided by the company for a fee through a sales agent or payment processor (Google Play Store, App Store, etc.), the user and the corresponding sales agent or payment are responsible for payment to the sales agent or payment processor. It is a matter of contract between processors. Accordingly, the company is not a party to such a contract and is not responsible for it.
Company provides a paid subscription service KMPlayer VIP (hereinafter'KMPlayer VIP') through in-app payment within the Mobile APP (KMPlayer for android, KMPlayer for iOS, KMPlayer Plus (Divx) for Android, KMPlayer Plus (Divx) for iOS). If you subscribe to KMPlayer VIP, you can use additional features such as MP3 convertor, GIF maker, VIP theme, and more.
- Company offers 1, 6 and 12 months KMPlayer VIP subscription options. Subscriptions will be charged repeatedly and periodically to the payment method linked to your account through your iTunes account or Google Play Store, depending on the KMPlayer VIP subscription option you choose. Subscription automatically renews and stays until canceled unless the user turns off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions can be canceled from your iTunes account or from the "Manage Subscriptions" section of Google Play, and refunds are not available after the subscription has been renewed.
- KMPlayer VIP subscription includes a free trial period. The free trial period is limited to once per account, and you will not be charged until the free trial period is complete. However, if you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial period, it will automatically renew with the selected subscription option and you will be charged for the subscription automatically.
Ads can be served within the service
Company may place advertisements on service screens and homepages related to service operation. However, we are not responsible for any losses or damages arising from users participating in the promotion activities of advertisers posted in the service or making transactions.
Terms of use will be revised after prior notice.
Company posts on the initial screen of the service so that you can easily check the contents of these terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions apply to the service by default. However, Company may have separate terms and conditions and policies for individual services provided. If the content differs from these terms, the terms and policies of that service will take precedence.
The laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea apply to these terms and conditions, and the courts of the Republic of Korea have jurisdiction. If a dispute arises between you and Company in relation to these terms and conditions or services, the dispute will be handled in accordance with the procedures set by the Korean Civil Procedure Act.
If you are want to know about KMPlayer's services and features, or need assistance, you can contact KMPlayer's email (support@kmplayer.com). Company will notify all inquiries by the user only in electronic form by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the user at the time of inquiry.
These terms will be effective January 25, 2021.