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KMPlex - Play to Earn, Rewards dApp

KMPlex - Play to Earn

KMPlex envisions a world where users can earn money while having fun in their daily activities. KMPlex is a play to earn rewards dApp that offers fun activities and KMPlayer’s multimedia service where you can earn points by completing missions or simply watching movies and listening to music on your phone!

These points can then be exchanged for MovieBloc (MBL) and Cobak (CBK) coins on popular cryptocurrency exchange sites such as Binance, Bybit,, kucoin, upbit, bithumb.

Exchanges listing MovieBloc MBL

KMPlex MBL Exchange

How to Use KMPlex
#Easier and more convenient, You can DEAL IN CASH!!!

#1 Create a Wallet

Create a Wallet to enjoy the complete KMPlex experience. Wallet saves your points and serves as an account that stores records of all your activities. Activate the wallet with mobile phone number authentication and set up PIN number. You will receive a whopping 50,000 points as a welcome points for activating your wallet.

KMPlex Activation

When the welcome points have been collected, you have fully finished creating your wallet. Now you are ready to increase your assets on KMPlex. If you would like to learn about even more ways to collect points, please refer to #2 Collect More Points through Missions

#2 Collect More Points through Missions

The most important activity for collecting points for exchanging with cryptocurrency on KMPlex is participating in missions. To participate in missions, go to Collect Points. Under Collect Points, complete missions to receive points.

KMPlex Collect More Points through Missions

You can participate in various missions and collect different amount of points from each mission. Have a go at missions that give huge number of points as the reward. If you would like to learn how to exchange the collected points with cryptocurrencies, please see #3 Exchange as Coins

#3 Get extra point through “Play roulette without losing!”

KMPlex is open roulette game where users can earn more points.

Users participating in the roulette game can earn more points and enhance their experience by obtaining pickaxe items or earning additional points, making the gameplay more rewarding and enjoyable.

KMPlex Get extra point through “Play roulette without losing!”

The pickaxe is an item that allows you to earn more points in each gem channel, and it's a fantastic item that enables you to gain additional points ranging from a up to 5% ~ 20% a total of 3 times.

Pickaxe items can be checked in the Item Box, and users can use them a maximum of 4 times simultaneously. When using the item boost, you'll receive an additional 20% bonus. KMPlex offers a variety of missions, each with a different point value.

Join the mission and earn more points. Once you accumulate points, users can exchange them for MBL or CBK. If you're wondering how to exchange your points, go to section titled '#4 Exchange as Coins'

#4 Exchange as Coins

Exchange points in your Wallet with coins. The exchanged coin can be traded at cryptocurrency exchanges or used in the coin’s main services.
For now, you can exchange [MovieBloc Token(MBL), Cobak Token(CBK)] coin on KMPlex.
The minimum amount eligible for exchange is 200,000 points. You can quickly collect 200,000 points when you complete a few missions in addition to 50,000 welcome points.
You can use your reserved points on Change, Who knows You will also can get much money~.

Exchange for MBL Coins

Here are Quick and Easy Ways to Exchange as Coins.

1. Enter the amount of points you would like to exchange.
2. Check the expected MBL amount and enter the MBL Wallet address you would like to make the deposit to.

How to exchange KMPlex
If you don’t have an MBL address, create an MBL Wallet from the cryptocurrency exchanges below.

#5 Bingo Challenge!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Bingo Challenge!

The Bingo Challenge takes place every month, and for each Bingo mission completed, you can earn 500P. Additionally, when you complete the Bingo, you’ll receive more than 10,000P.

KMPlex Bingo Challenge!기

Each bingo mission is completed by exploring KMPlex and using various features. Enjoying KMPlex services and completing bingo, you can get some points.

KMPlex Bingo Challenge!
If you find it difficult to complete the Bingo mission, you can use your points to shuffle the missions and give yourself a better chance at Bingo! And if you’re really struggling, you can even use our "Eraser" feature to automatically complete a mission for you.
So what are you waiting for? Come on over to KMPlex and join in on the Bingo Challenge!

#6 The Global Gift Card exchange service

Introduce the Global Gift Card exchange service.

The Global Gift Card exchange service allows customers to use points for exchanging gift cards.

The Global Gift Card exchange service
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Global Gift Card supports 63 countries, offering a wide range of products for gift card exchange. Find out more!

The Global Gift Card exchange service
In KMPlex's home menu, go to 'USE' and click on 'The Global Gift Card'.
In the exchange menu select the desired amount, type in your email address, and proceed with the exchange.

The gift card will be delivered to your email address shortly


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