Terms of Service

Welcome to KMPlex.
These Terms of Use prescribe the relationship between Pandora TV Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) that provides KMPlex services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), and users of the provided services. By becoming a user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) via due process to use the Service, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use and the corresponding policies. As such, please read these Terms and Conditions with care.
These Terms of Use are, by default, applied to the KMPlex service. Provided, that during the process of providing various services, separate terms or policies may be applied. In this instance, the terms and policies for those services shall take precedence.
Definition of Terms
1. “Service” means the KMPlex and all related services which the User can use regardless of device (including wire and wireless devices such as PC, TV, portable devices, etc.).
2. “User” means any person who logs in for the purpose of using the service, and as such has consented to the Terms of Use, and has completed due procedures to use the service provided by the Company.
3. “Wallet” includes the User’s information such as a public key issued in a blockchain and the points history for the identification of the User and his or her use of the Service. By principle, one (1) User shall own one (1) Wallet.
4. “Private Key” is an cryptologically generated key for access to the Wallet.
5. “Unique Identifier” means an array of strings used to identify the User in the form of an indecipherable encrypted value of the mobile phone number provided by the User for use of the Service.
6. “Coin” or “Token” means a cryptocurrency issued in various blockchains.
7. “PIN Number” means a number the User sets for security using the Service, and is a 6-digit number registered by the User him/herself.
Sign-up for KMPlex and Participate in Various Activities.
Service Use Agreement shall be effective when a person who intends to be a User agrees to the Terms of Use and activates the Wallet through the KMPlex Service. In accordance with the Wallet activation procedure, the Company may request User authentication by mobile phone number. The mobile phone number authentication shall be encrypted and used as the Unique Identifier, and the User’s activation of a duplicate Wallet shall be restricted.
KMPlex provides all the Users with identical Service. Provided, that the Company may classify the User on the basis of age or a certain criteria pursuant to regional laws and regulations. In this instance, use of the Service may be limited or partially denied access.
The Wallet shall be accessed only through the Private Key. The responsibility to manage the Wallet and the Private Key shall lie with the User, and the User shall not allow a third party to use the Wallet and the Private Key. The Company shall not be held liable for the disadvantages caused by the third party’s use of the User’s Wallet and Private Key arising from the User's negligence.
Ever Striving to Provide Quality Service.
KMPlex Service may modify, suspend, or change, in part or whole, the Service according to national and company policies or if necessary for operational or technical reasons, and shall not provide the User with separate compensation for this.
KMPlex Service is provided without any guarantee or conditions. The Company shall strive for the maintenance and improvement of the Service’s quality, but shall not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free services. The User shall relinquish his or her right to claim any and all compensation against the Company. Provided, that this provision does not limit the consumer protection rights granted by the Acts of the User’s country of residence.
The Company may provide various information deemed necessary during the User’s use of the Service through notices, app push notifications, etc. Provided, that the reception of these information may be refused at any time.
The Company may post advertisements on the Service screen, the website, etc. regarding the Service's operation. Provided, that the Company shall not be held responsible for losses and damages incurred by the User's participation or transaction in the advertiser's promotions posted in the Service.
Please Follow these Guidelines when Using the Service.
The Company is putting utmost effort to help you use the provided Services freely and conveniently. Provided, that the Company needs your assistance for the safe and enjoyable use of the Service. As such, the use of Service may be limited in the following instances. Please make sure to check and follow them.
1. When activating the Wallet, do not enter false information or use someone else's information. In addition, do not sell, transfer, rent, or provide as collateral the account to someone else or allow them to use it.
2. Do not use any automated means (example: macro programs, robot (bot), spider, scraper, etc.) to activate a Wallet, participate in a mission, earn points, or attempt to collect information other than the information provided by KMPlex.
3. Do not copy or modify the Service software or software included in the Service and do not sell, transfer, rent, or provide as collateral the software, or allow someone else to use it. Activities such as reverse engineering, attempts to extract source code, copy, disassembly, imitation, other forms of modification, etc. of software included in the Service are prohibited (provided, that in the case of open source software, comply with the corresponding terms and conditions). Other activities of uploading viruses or malignant codes or abnormally using the Service’s function with the purpose of interrupting the Service’s unhindered operations are also prohibited.
4. The User may apply for cancellation of the Service Use Contract (membership withdrawal application) through the KMPlex Settings menu, etc. at any time. If the User cancels the contract, all data of the User shall be destroyed immediately with the exception of information regarding the Wallet that must be retained for a certain period pursuant to the relevant Acts and the Privacy Policy.
If the relevant Acts, these Terms and Conditions, accounts and operational policy, terms and conditions and operational policy of separate services, etc. are not complied with, the Company may, after verifying such non-compliance, issue a warning regarding the use of the Service or place restrictions on Service use by suspending, in part or whole and temporarily or indefinitely, the use of the Service, etc. based on the result of verification. Additionally, if the Company is unable to expect stable maintenance of the Service Use Contract despite placing restrictions, the Company may terminate the Service Use Contract with the User. If the Company is compelled to indefinitely suspend use of Service, the points, benefits, etc. earned from the use of the Service shall be destroyed, and there shall be no compensations regarding this destruction.
The Company shall not be held responsible for Service disabilities any natural disasters and other circumstances of force majeure, server failure, inspection due to a system error and Service disability due to reasons attributable to the User. In addition, the Company shall not intervene in an individual’s legal responsibility.
Points can be Earned and Used through the Service.
You, the User, agree to each provision of these Terms and Conditions regarding the earning and use of points, exchange of cryptocurrencies, etc. through the use of KMPlex Service. Please contact the customer center for any inquiries regarding these Terms and Conditions.
1. By principle, the management responsibility for the User’s points lie with the User who the owner of a Wallet. As such, the User shall be held responsible for any negligence relating to the Wallet, such as loss of the Private Key, transfer of cryptocurrency to an incorrect address, etc.
2. The Service may provide points to the User through various methods including participation in advertisement missions, missions using KMPlayer features, Wallet activation, friend addition, etc. The means for earning points and the amount earned may change according to the Company’s policy. Maximum reward is 15,000,000 points/One of Reward mission. (For May 31rd 2022(UTC 06:00), as of now, me and all my friends App version 32.05.262 later)
3. The User may easily view information such as the amount of points earned, used, available, etc. in the Service, and may not use the points for the purposes of transfer, rent and collateral.
4. The decision of the Company shall be final and holds binding power regarding all related matters. If the User repetitively activates the Wallet and withdraws membership, repetitively modifies the Unique Identifier, or acts in a way arousing reasonable, point shall not be paid multiple times. Similarly, if the Company learns of the intention to earn points through fraud, deception, use of illegal programs, and fraudulent methods violating commercial practices or social norms, or has reasonable ground to suspect such intentions, the Company may cancel the payment of points or destroy the received points.
5. Points may be used until their expiration according to the policy. Points shall collectively expire at 00:00 on January 1 of the following year based on the date 12 months after the date of earning.
6. If the User applies for membership withdrawal, the User shall be deemed to have renounced his or her rights to Points not used by the User by the date of application for withdrawal, and the remaining points shall expire. If the User forfeits user qualification, the points earned until the date of the forfeit shall automatically expire.
Terms of Use shall be Revised after Prior Notice.
The Company shall post the contents of these Terms and Conditions on the Service's screen or through the login screen so that they are easily accessible and viewable.
The Company may revise these Terms and Conditions and policies to the extent that it does not violate relevant Acts and regulations. The Company shall inform you of the relevant contents before revising the Terms and Conditions. If there is a significant change that may be unfavorable to you, we shall notify you through the Service at least thirty (30) days in advance.
The User has the right to refuse the Company’s revised Terms and Conditions and in this instance, the User may express their intention to suspend or withdraw from the Service and request termination of the use of the Service. Provided, that if the User does not express his or her intention to disagree notwithstanding the Company’s provision of notice to the User of the revised Terms and Conditions and clear notification to the User that “If an intent is not expressed within seven (7) days, it shall be deemed that the intent has been expressed”, it shall be deemed that the User has consented to the revised Terms and Conditions.
The Acts and regulations of the Republic of Korea shall apply to these Terms and Conditions, and the courts of the Republic of Korea shall have jurisdiction. If a dispute arises between you and the Company concerning these Terms and Conditions or the Service, the dispute shall be handled pursuant to the procedures set forth by the Korean Civil Procedure Act. Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions and interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be governed by relevant Acts and commercial practices.
For any inquiries regarding KMPlex’s Service or if assistance is needed, contact KMPlex via email ( The Company shall provide a response to all inquiries by the User only in electronic form by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the User at the time of inquiry.
These Terms and Conditions shall be effective as of May 31, 2022.(UTC 06:00)