Privacy Policy
KMPlex shall strive to protect the user's valuable personal information so that the user may use the service with confidence. KMPlex Service (hereinafter referred to as the “KMPlex”) shall strictly comply with Acts and regulations of the Republic of Korea relating to the protection of personal information. In addition, as KMPlex is serviced internationally, KMPlex shall continue to strive to comply with Acts regarding protection of personal information of the corresponding region where the service is provided. If KMPlex is failing to comply with the privacy laws of your region, please contact us at KMPlex shall do its utmost to safely protect the user’s personal information.
Information Collected from the User
By principle, we do not collect any personal information. The company only stores the user information, and not the user’s personal information, on the servers. The information KMPlex collects from the user are as follows.
- Mobile phone number authentication information
KMPlex uses mobile phone number authentication for activation of the wallet to prevent duplicate wallets (accounts). At this instance, the mobile number shall be saved as an indecipherable encrypted value. No entity, including the KMPlex Team, may decipher the encrypted value, and this shall never be combined with personal information.
- Google Firebase information
KMPlex uses Firebase to better understand and optimize user characteristics in mobile applications. At this instance, the user data is anonymized and transmitted to Firebase. Personal information and information obtained from Firebase shall not be combined. KMPlex shall use the information collected from Firebase only for the purpose of improving the KMPlex service. The Firebase privacy policy can be viewed at
- Information created during the use of provided services
During the process of using services provided by KMPlex or partners, information related to devices, such as blockchain public keys and advertising IDs (IDFA or AAID) and other information related to advertisement operations (limiting the number of advertisement exposures, payment of rewards, targeting) may be automatically generated and collected. The privacy policy of each partner company may be viewed via the below links.

DigitalTurbine =
ayeT-Studios =
- KMPlayer web services (website, KMPlayer pop-ups, etc.)
In addition to the above cases, KMPlex may ask the user for additional personal information in special circumstances such as events, etc. At this instance, KMPlex shall inform the user of the items of information to be collected, the purpose of use and the storage period, and shall obtain prior consent.
Collected Information shall be Used as Follows.
The company shall use personal information solely for the below purposes including management of the service’s users, development and improvement, the creation of a safe user environment, etc.
- Used for user management including prevention of duplicate wallets (accounts), confirmation of membership withdrawal, etc.
- Used for analysis of statistics and user records.
- Used for the creation of a safe and convenient user environment.
Storage, Use, and Disposal of User Information
By principle, KMPlex shall not store any identifiable personal information on the servers, and only the user information specified in the [Information Collected from the User] shall be stored in the servers.
KMPlex shall, upon a user’s withdrawal of membership, dispose the user’s information without delay. In the case of electronic files, they shall be safely and completely via a technical method preventing the restoration or recreation of said files. In addition, printed documents shall be disposed of via shredding or incineration. However, the following information shall be stored for a specified term for the reasons below, and shall be disposed of after the expiry of the term.
- Encrypted value of the mobile phone number (to prevent duplicate wallet activation): seven (7) days
- Records of sanctions against a user of misconduct (indefinite ban due to fraudulent uses): Until the termination of service
Processing of Personal Information is Entrusted.
In order to improve services, KMPlex entrusts personal information as below for the performance, in part, of necessary tasks needed for the provision of services, and shall stipulate provisions, pursuant to relevant Acts, for the safe management of personal information during the term of entrustment agreement. In addition, the shared information is limited to the minimum information required to achieve this purpose.
Contents of Entrusted BusinessTrustee Company
Mobile Phone Number Authentication ServiceGoogle Firebase
unique identifiersFacebook
unique identifiersGoogle

Firebase Privacy Policy :
Facebook Privacy Policy :
Google Privacy Policy :
We Ensure the Protection of the User’s Personal Information.
The user may view and edit his or her information at any time. In addition, the user may withdraw their consent of the Privacy Policy by withdrawing membership, etc. at any time.
The Department Responsible
The user may report any complaints regarding the protection of personal information arising from using the KMPlayer's services to the department responsible. KMPlayer shall promptly respond to the reported matters.
- Personal Information Protection Officer
Name: Bryan Tak
Position: Team Leader
Contact: Phone +82 70-4484-7100 / FAX +82 31-776-7679, 7680
- Personal Information Protection Department
Department: KMP Team
Person Responsible: Cho Hwang
Position: Manager
Contact: Phone +82 70-4484-7100 / FAX +82 31-776-7679, 7680
Email :
This Privacy Policy may be revised pursuant to the relevant Acts and guidelines of the Korean government or may be arbitrarily adjusted according to changes in KMPlayer's Terms of Use. As such, please visit the website "" routinely to view the Privacy Policy and any corresponding revisions.
Announcement Date: October 19, 2022
Effective as of: October 19, 2022